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Model K12N
For your K1200LT (equipped with "J" Pegs)
Our black or silver knurled pegs point outboard
Price $329.95

Model K12O
For your K1200LT w/stock tip over bars
Our black or silver knurled pegs point outboard
Price $329.95


Model K12O attaches to stock tip over bars
providing the same foot position as K12N.

Once the K12O is mounted
the last step is to cut a notch in your plastic.

When a Mick-O-Peg equipped K1200LT tips/falls over, expect the tip of our peg to touch first. The "leg" will flex our peg up and in until the black plastic, which covers your tip over bar, hits the ground. At about the same time, the bottom edge of the Mick-O-Peg "cover" will hit the ground. Your tip over bar is pushed up by the weight of the bike but when our cover hits, it tends to pull your bar down. A great design to reduce the likelyhood of bending your bar, but since our clamp is on the front of your bar, it doesn't stop the back (longer end) from bending.

If you choose to mount "J" Pegs upside down (on top of your tip over bars) ask about Model K12OJ.

If you intend to use "J" Pegs in addition to Mick-O-Pegs...

Model K12N attaches to "J" Peg
using modified stainless steel shoulder bolts.

If you already have Highway Ottomans
a notch gets removed from their 'strap'.

If you currently have Highway Ottomans with their modified tip over bars, you can mount Model K12O by grinding some of their strap that is welded to your tip over bar.

We also have Model K12NS and K12OS intended for Short riders. The K12NS/K12OS models limit our "peg" to drop 2" less.
Most who can still ride the LT as a two wheeler will find Model K12N/K12O comfortable.

NOTE: Until May 10th 2006, Model O included a set of modified crash (tip over) bars that replaced the stock bars. The newer Model K12O uses a clamp system with 3 bolts.

RECALL was announced in November 2006 for owners of our 2006 Model O to swap to a stronger clamp. If your Model O has 2 bolts mounting each bracket, you have the modified crash (tip over) bars. But if you have 3 bolts holding each bracket, you have our clamp system. The recall involves the clamp made of equal thickness for the top and bottom of the clamp.