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Another way to choose from the many Models.

Having floorboards in place of the stock foot pegs makes a difference.
Your inseam length (or modified seating position) may also affect which model you should choose. Please check the FAQ.

Below are the most popular choices by other riders.

Installation Instructions - Gold Wing & Valkyrie

Model & Year
80-87 Gold Wing

88-97 Gold Wing

98-00 Gold Wing

01-10 Gold Wing
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Pacific Coast



Stock Pegs
Floor Boards

Stock Pegs
Floor Boards
Stock Pegs, Short inseam

Stock Pegs
Floor Boards

Stock Pegs
Stock Pegs, Short inseam
Floor Boards
Long inseam
Newest models
Other choices

Stock Pegs/Floor Boards

Any boards or Pegs

Only one choice

Only one choice

Only one choice

Only one choice

* Could also use Models KA, KD, or KL
^ Model KD and KL are also options
** If you have wide floorboards ON AN INTERSTATE, you may need to cut the back edge of the air scoop off to allow the "block" to be moved forward and out so the "leg" will clear the floorboard.